Western Australia Premier Says No to Milo

Milo Yiannopoulos meets supporters at the University of California, Berkeley in September. Photo: AFP

West Australian Premier Mark McGowan has told Channel 9 News in Perth that Milo Yiannopoulos is not welcome in the state.

“We’ll make sure all government venues are not available to him,” Mr McGowan said “Anyone who defends pedophiles and associates with Nazis, I don’t think is a rational person, we shouldn’t have them delivering lectures and performances to West Australians,” Mr McGowan said.

Mr Yiannopoulos, a self-described ‘supervillain’ and ‘anti-feminist’, infamous for his conservative views on immigration, gay rights, and feminism is holding an Australian speaking tour in November and December this year.

The 33 year old was forced to resign from right wing news site Breitbart in February, following comments made by Yiannopoulos during a podcast in 2015 supposedly in defence of pedophilia.

Penthouse publisher Damien Costas who is bringing Milo to Australia for the ‘Troll Academy’ national tour starting in Sydney on November 30 2017 and visiting Perth on December 2 as well as staging shows in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and the Gold Coast is shocked and horrified that the Western Australia is banning free speech in Western Australia.

“I am amazed at the Premier Mcgowan’s views. Milo has never defended pedophilia. Quite the opposite in fact. He also is of Irish, Greek and Jewish heritage , is gay and married to a black man so he is definitely not a Nazi sympathiser or White Supremacist”

When asked in an interview with Penthouse about whether he was uncomfortable with the racial ideas of the alt-right, Yiannopoulos responded:

“I think you can go further than just discomfort, you can say that I’m repelled and disgusted by them. Every time I wake up and roll over and look at my husband, I’m reminded why that’s a horrible way to look at the world.”

An online petition to deny Yiannopoulos a visa to Australia has failed with former Labor Leader Mark Latham launching a counter-petition to let him in.

The ‘United Against Bigotry and Racism’ group is planning to stage a protest against the controversial speaker when he arrives in Perth.

Venues for the ‘Troll Academy’ tour are being kept secret until a week prior to events to prevent organised vandalism from protesters.

This article was first published at The Typewriter on Wednesday 25 October 2017.