Top 3 Opal Card Runs in Sydney

Sydney’s public transport users are now taking advantage of the new Opal Card to save on weekly travel costs as encouraged by transport minister Gladys Berejiklian.


Macdonaldtown Station (Inner West Line) and Erskineville Station (Bankstown Line) are one of the closest train stations in Sydney that are in different zones. As the Weekly Trip Reward is activated after 8 journeys, an Opal Card holder can easily run between these 2 stations repeatedly within an hour. It is possible to complete up to 7 trips (each of which count as a journey for this situation) in a day before hitting the Daily Travel Cap. Remember to Tap On/Tap Off at each station.
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Pyrmont Pay Light Rail and The Star Light Rail are one of the closest tram stops in Sydney. As the Weekly Travel Reward is activated after 8 journeys, an Opal Card holder can take advantage of the 4 trip per journey setting to use this saving. This will involve making up to 32 trips (on foot) between the 2 tram stops as every 5th trip begins a new journey. After the first 7 trips, you’ll hit the Daily Travel Cap so the rest of the trips will be free. Remember to Tap On/Tap Off every trip.

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Every 5th trip begins a new journey on the bus. This method may require the commuter changing buses at every stop or Tap On/Tap Off at every stop along the same bus route. George St and Elizabeth St in Sydney are the best places for the ‘bus hopping’ hack as the bus frequencies are the highest. If you choose to Tap On/Tap Off at every stop on the same bus, try to do so without inconveniencing other commuters or the driver.

Students studying at the University of New South Wales may also take advantage of the ‘bus hopping’ method by making repeated bus trips up and down High St between UNSW Gate 2, UNSW Gate 8 and UNSW Gate 9 Bus stops.

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  • The Opal Card week begins on Monday and finishes on Saturday.
  • A trip is travel on one route, one mode (e.g. a single bus trip). When you transfer to another route or service, you are commencing a new trip. You must stay with the same mode of transport for the entire duration of your Opal Card Savings Run for it to work.
  • A journey consists of one or more trips on eligible services where transfers between services occur within 60 minutes. (For bus and light rail the number of trips required is 4)
  • A transfer occurs at the end of a single trip. It is a change of transport mode or route, to another service or route, to continue a journey. Transfers made within a standard transfer time of 60 minutes combine trips into a single journey.
  • There are no known Opal Cards savings hacks for ferries at the moment.
  • Under Point 30 of the Opal Card Terms of Use, it is not permitted to use another person’s Opal Card or to “help” a friend by using multiple cards at the same time.
  • Total savings will depend on how much you travel each week, your local station and the costs of travelling to the Macdonaldtown/Erskenville Station or Pyrmont Bay/The Star Light Rail stop or Sydney CBD buses.
  • All of these savings methods are legal.

This article is correct at the time of publication.