God of the Heavenly Kingdom

福 is often something that Chinese wish upon on each other at Lunar New Year, but maybe it’s time to take a step back and think of the eternal blessing that has been offered to the world through Christ

Why Christian Culture?

Christianity is worth fighting for. There is so much that we owe to Christianity, it can be described as a debt that many in the world are either naive or blatantly ignorant about.

For a better world

As Australia grows in wealth, we are becoming an increasingly individualistic society – one that seeks less and less to relate to the community around us as well as growing distant from our Christian heritage.

God’s Not Dead

Much of the Western world may have forsaken its Christian heritage and abandoned it for liberalism instead, but increasingly it is the ‘global south’ that is leading the way for the Gospel.

Being Genuine

When more people live as if they were “the temple of the Holy Spirit” in honour of God our creator (1 Corinthians chapter 6 verses 19 to 20), wouldn’t our society be a better place?

The milkshake duck

Let’s ask, test and seek the truth so that we can have a firm grasp not to keep it for ourselves but to be a bearer of the Good News of Christ into the world.