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Standing up Against Distortion

To respond to ridicule and rejection with anger at those who marginalise Christians is to close the door on public discussions of faith.

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Looking back at Trump’s first year in office

2017 has been a big year in American politics, we take a look at the good, bad and ugly in Trump’s first year as President.

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Fake news isn’t new, it’s been around since Biblical times

The “Report of the Guard” (Matthew 28:11-15) is example of how people have tried to use fake news to discredit Jesus

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Year in Review: Australian Politics in 2016

Roydon Ng takes a look back at Australian Politics in 2016 with the winners and losers as well as looking ahead to the year ahead.

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Hong Kong Independence = Build The New Great Wall

The so-called “plan” for Hong Kong independence (which is a self defeating act) is currently as good as chopping off a tree branch you’re sitting on.