Progress or Pagan?

When we realise and accept that each one of us has a value not only to ourselves but to the communal good of our society, our life’s purposes can be guided by a higher meaning

Tram lines

When we are plugged into the story of God’s big picture from creation to an eternal revelation here in the now but not yet, we can be powered by the Above.

Lit dawgs

For too long Christians have misunderstood influencing the contemporary culture with Godly values as simply the rightful shunning of sinful behaviour.

Democracy can’t save Hong Kong

Only Jesus can provide the true freedom that can save the people of Hong Kong. It is my prayer for Hong Kong, that the need to protest will be over and the peace will reign in this world. May your kingdom come Lord!

God of the Heavenly Kingdom

福 is often something that Chinese wish upon on each other at Lunar New Year, but maybe it’s time to take a step back and think of the eternal blessing that has been offered to the world through Christ

Bringing truth to all

Roydon Ng reflects on an interesting fortnight in Australia where politics, society and faith spectacularly collided with Graham, Peterson and Pell

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