Roydon visits Hong Kong 香港 & Macau 澳門 (Day 1 and 2)

我只是計劃在香港度假,但作為一個記者我總是在到處走: 兩大反政府抗議,幾乎得到警察的胡椒噴霧,搜索父母的童年地點 (北角芽菜坑村,蠔涌積善小學),參加表姐的婚禮,抓亞洲只有的精靈大蔥鴨,探索藝術文化和歷史的地方,探索從西貢到屯門,探索從港島柴灣到泗灣,到大埔和沙田和澳門!

I had planned to holiday in Hong Kong for a week at the start of the month but being a journalist by trade, I was always on my feet. 2 major anti-government protests, nearly getting pepper sprayed by police during the demonstrations, searching for my parents’ childhood locations, attending my cousin’s wedding, catching a Farfetch’d, discovering the arts scene and exploring from Sai Kung Old Town to Tuen Mun’s Hung Lau, across Hong Kong Island from Chai Wan to Sai Wan as well as north to Tai Po/Sha Tin and to Macau…

Day 1: Tuesday 1st November 2016 第1天:2016年11月1日星期二

Day 2: Wednesday 2nd November 2016 第2天:2016年11月2日星期三

 美荷樓物館 Mei Ho House Museum (石硤尾 Shek Kip Mei)

客家羅屋 Hakka Law Uk Folk Museum (柴灣 Chai Wan)

大坑 Tai Hang (天后 Tin Hau)

茶具文物館 Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware (香港公園 Hong Kong Park)

中環 Central

青年新政遊行反對北京釋法 Youngspiration protest against Beijing’s intervention in HK oath-gate

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