Roydon Ng Statement on Reinstatement of Cultural Events in Cumberland

Cumberland City Council Meeting – 2 March 2022



Great to see Easter included as a proposed celebration in Cumberland and being discussed on such a fitting day on the start of Lent today.

For Easter, Lent is followed by Palm Sunday, then Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday which all should be distinctively playing a role in practical celebrations.

Lent is a tradition where many Christians can choose to give up various things such as certain foods or activities in lieu of Jesus Christ’s sacrificial death on the Cross.

So with the homelessness crisis in Cumberland, Council could participate in Lent by having a practical celebration campaign through collecting the chocolate, treats and other food or items that community members have sacrificed and then compile such into hampers to give out to the less fortunate in the area.

Palm Sunday is when we remember the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, and the celebration of God’s kingdom drawing near – a kingdom in which those who are poor, persecuted and mourning find hope. Across Australia, many communities including churches and advocates are involved in Palm Sunday rallies in support of refugees and people seeking asylum.

Noting that Cumberland has a large refugee population, Palm Sunday provides an excellent opportunity for Council to be raising the status of such issues and perhaps through the organising of a community petition to focus for example on improving conditions of people seeking asylum.

On Good Friday or in the lead up, it would be amazing to see Council making available space in town centres for performances of the “Stations of the Cross”, which is a mini pilgrimage through the events that covered the final hours of Jesus’ life on earth before He was crucified for our sins.

And then for Resurrection Sunday which is the most important day of the year because Jesus rose from the dead to offer us new life and ultimately hope so that we can face the future and face injustice.

Let’s be sharing this hope and care for our community through reintroduction of the Cumberland Good Neighbour Calling Card scheme and having it emphasised during this period. This could be a good way to way to wrap up Easter celebrations with Jesus’ teaching through the Bible in Mark chapter 12 verse 31 that we ought to “Love our neighbour as yourself”.