Roydon Ng Statement on Re-establishment of Cumberland Council Advisory Committees

Cumberland City Council Meeting – 9 February 2022



Good evening, Madame Mayor Lake, Deputy Mayor Huang, and fellow Councillors. 

It is delightful to see great diversity among Council and a big welcome to new Councillors Coleman and the 3 new representatives from the Auburn side – Councillor Farooqui, Councillor Hughes and Councillor Hussein. 

I speak in support of the motion to re-establish the listed Council Committees and urge Councillors to make the most of the many community members that are eager to assist in our local government area. 

Cumberland’s motto being “Welcome, Belong, Succeed” should be a call to not only involve a wide range of community members on matters of importance but also to empower the community to be taking ownership of the local area. 

We can’t just be saying that racism isn’t welcome, but to promote and maintain a harmonious community – it is important to have the steps in place for everyone to develop a strong sense of belonging and then to flourish in it. 

The CALD committee should also be expanded to incorporate a focus on how faith is reflected in Cumberland through the various cultures. And if I may offer a suggestion to Council, that any criteria be amended to include people who worship in Cumberland alongside those who live, work or study in the area.  

The Youth Advisory Committee played an important role in Council’s award-winning Cumberland Youth Strategy from 2017-21, and the Committee before its abolition featured a Women in Construction STEM project with UTS led by young people – which focused on youth employment (a key area of the youth strategy). 

If we wholeheartedly want to make Cumberland a great place to live, there need to be more opportunities available for better community engagement and input into Council decision making. 

I am particularly keen to see the Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) Advisory Committee and Youth Advisory Committee back in action, and I urge Council to support re-establishing the committees. 

Thank you