Roydon Ng Statement on Metro West in Cumberland Council

Cumberland City Council17 February 2021

C02/21-681 Westmead – Submission on the Draft Westmead 2036 Place Strategy and Inclusion of Westmead South Precinct in Council’s Strategic Planning Work Program

Sydney Metro West fails to deliver for Cumberland LGA

The NSW Government is pursuing Sydney Metro for the benefit of property development at the expense of genuine public transport outcomes.

Metro West is an expensive $27billion waste of the NSW taxpayer’s money especially when a new Sydney Trains double-decker/heavy rail line to the Western suburbs can be built for $7.5billion with actual benefit for the entirety of Cumberland LGA.

Westmead will become a carmageddon with thousands of commuters driving to the Metro station to compete with hospital visitors and residents for parking.

But a new integrated fast heavy rail line branching off the Western Line in tunnels immediately to the east of Westmead Station attracts commuters who currently drive, out of their cars and on to public transport.

Wentworthville, Pendle Hill, Toongabbie, and other commuters in Greater Western Sydney will have 2 direct options of travelling to Parramatta and Sydney CBD.

By supporting a fast heavy rail line instead of Metro West, the entire LGA’s train stations will have increased capacity with the opportunity for services that have been cut to be restored.

It is time for Council to stop accepting the government line or should I say lie that Metro West actually helps Cumberland.

A new heavy rail line frees up capacity for more trains to service Granville and surrounding stations by offering Blacktown, Richmond, Penrith, and Blue Mountains trains a new path to Central and Sydney CBD.

A new heavy rail line instead of Metro West also provides faster travel times for not only existing train stations in Cumberland, Parramatta but also new future stations at Pemulwuy to Parramatta and Merrylands once when the heavy rail line is extended for the Western Sydney Airport.

Both Sydney Metro and Sydney Trains with modern signalling are able to run at 2-minute frequencies as seen with the government’s May 2020 announcement for the T4 Illawarra Line.

Metro West’s travel times from Westmead to Parramatta and Sydney CBD will actually be the same as the current Western Line service, but the difference is that Sydney Trains double deck/heavy rail has more seats with a capacity of 45,000 per hour whereas Metro only has a maximum capacity of 30,000 passengers an hour and 70% less seats.

With new heavy rail tunnels large enough for double-deckers, the new service between Westmead and Sydney CBD can run at speeds of up to 160km/h in contrast to the Metro’s top speed of 100km/h.

A fast heavy rail tunnel instead of Metro West opens the door for a 15-minute journey from Westmead to Sydney CBD via Parramatta and Strathfield.

Sydney Trains’ heavy rail beats Metro in speed, comfort, travel options, benefit to the wider community.

Westmead, Cumberland LGA and Western Sydney deserves better than a half baked soon to be privatised transport project called Metro that benefits property developers over local residents and the everyday commuter.