Roydon Ng Statement on Formation of Council Committees in Cumberland

Cumberland City Council Meeting – 2 March 2022



Good evening. Glad to see the Committees are getting back into action especially Youth Advisory Committee and the Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) Committee, although it’s ironic there’s also a motion tonight that seemingly counters one of the purposes/aims of having CALD committee in the scrapping of Racism Not Welcome signs.

I’m particularly excited to see Cumberland establishing a new committee to address homelessness as unfortunately Auburn is the number 2 electorate in NSW of the worst rates of homelessness. (Granville is number 8 and Prospect is number 13).

Each Terms of Reference for the Committees includes how it correlates to Council strategies and plans. Perhaps to further enhance the effectiveness of Committees, the Council Organisation Chart could be updated in lieu of outlining which committees have correlation to which particular directorates etc.

Each committee should also be involved in Council programs especially the planning of cultural events. I hope that through the Terms of Reference that committees can be one starting point in having more positive conversations and understanding of the multicultural community that we are in.

In terms of seeking Expressions of Interest for Committee membership, may I suggest that each Committee is promoted individually with tailored advertising as opposed to just a bulk omnibus for Committees in general.

Each Committee’s Expression of Interest process needs to be tailored to the demographics of the Committee that it seeks to engage such as for the Youth, CALD, and Homelessness.

A 16-year-old person, or person of non-English speaking background, or person with limited access to a computer and the internet, shouldn’t get to Council Have Your Say, then have to scroll the bottom of the webpage to just find a text heavy document that probably leaves them scratching their heads as to what the Committee does.

The 2017-21 Cumberland Youth Strategy had an easy-to-read version and I hope that similar can be achieved for these committees. Easy-to-read versions of key documents are a great avenue of also engaging well with CALD communities, persons living with disabilities or other hardships.

I still don’t actually know what the 3 Cs in the Council logo stand for but perhaps for the Committees, it can help Cumberland be an even more a Caring and Collaborative Community.

Thank you