Roydon Ng Statement on Cumberland Council Submission on Sydney Metro West Environmental Impact Statement

Thank you to Council in particular the efforts of the previous term in campaigning to restore our rail services for the Cumberland community.

The Sydney Metro West project fails to wholistically deliver for the entire Cumberland LGA.

Commuters and residents from West of Parramatta will have time to reflect upon the lost opportunities of the project as an integrated Sydney Trains line while stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic driving towards Westmead.

Council’s proposed submission to Sydney Metro West Environmental Impact Statement raises the issue of commuter parking which ultimately could have been averted if the line was an integrated Sydney Trains line enabling commuters such as from Wentworthville to board from their local station.

Future Council advocacy for increased bus services to Westmead should also include addressing the lack of direct bus services between the Greystanes Ward and train stations in the Wentworthville Ward (as noted in Council’s “Transport in the Cumberland Community Research Report” from June 2020).

Thank you to the staff for the Research Report and also staff that have put this submission together. The inclusion of an additional southern entrance for Westmead Metro station is welcomed and will be positive for public transit.

We should not forfeit the opportunity to continue campaigning for improved services (and return of express trains) at Granville, Clyde, Auburn, and Lidcombe stations (especially on the T1 Western Line).

With NSW Government (dubiously) claiming that the Sydney Metro West project is able to double the capacity between Parramatta and Sydney CBD, Council should impress upon Transport for NSW that the supposed additional capacity allegedly enabled by Metro West on the Sydney Trains’ T1 and T2 lines should be allocated to improved services for the Cumberland LGA.

This submission should be amended to include Council’s conditional support for Sydney Metro West is dependent on a Transport for NSW commitment to firstly demonstrate how the project actually increases capacity on the separate Sydney Trains Network between Parramatta and Sydney CBD, and more importantly to guarantee that any capacity generated will be made available for Cumberland LGA commuters: Granville, Clyde, Auburn, Lidcombe (return of T1 Western Line express trains), and potentially for the future Parramatta to Bankstown to Kogarah line including direct train through Auburn – western fork of Lidcombe Junction – Berala – Regents Park etc.

 Thank you