Roydon Ng Statement on 1 Crescent Street, Holroyd Planning Proposal

Good evening, I am for Council continuing to advocate in the best interests of the community regarding this development site.

With respect to transport and road vehicular movements, Council’s attention is drawn to the site’s proximity to the T5 Cumberland Line Y-Link which forms a railway triangle between Merrylands, Harris Park, and Granville Station.

It appears that Transport for NSW is suggesting a pedestrian footbridge to improve access to Granville Station from the currently undervalued heritage memorial of the original Parramatta terminal of the Western Line.

The developer on the other hand just wants people to walk to Harris Park Station, but both ignore that fact that both stations have lost their express trains in 2017’s timetable and are now predominantly serviced by slow all stations trains.

One would think that walking past busy and noisy Woodville Road and along Parramatta Road to Granville and potentially under the M4 to Harris Park isn’t particularly appealing for commuters.

Merrylands would actually be the best station if factoring in last mile transit which in this case would be a bus down Pitt Street, as opposed to an unpleasant walk to Harris Park or Granville.

Apart from the increased patronage demand on local train stations, Council’s attention should be drawn to future Transport for NSW planning for the Cumberland Y-Link.

On screen, is an NSW Government proposal (obtained under GIPA, freedom of information) for Sydney’s Rail Future which appears to indicate that in 2026 once the Second Harbour Crossing for Sydney Metro City & Southwest is open, that the Cumberland Line and Y-Link will be cancelled thus removing direct trains from Guildford/Merrylands to Harris Park/Parramatta (with commuters again being forced to interchange at Granville).

And then on screen, in NSW Future Transport Strategy 2056, it appears that the T2 Leppington Line which currently provides Guildford/Merrylands with a direct train to City via Granville will be removed.

There are significant changes to transit in the area surrounding this development that if not managed well will lead to increased traffic congestion and degradation of the environment, which needs to be factored in by Council, the Sydney Central Planning Panel, and the NSW Government.

Thank you