Roydon Ng Statement on Pippita CityExpress in Cumberland Council

Cumberland City Council3 March 2021

C03/21-689 Pippita Rail Trail – Preliminary Feasibility Report

Good evening

Pippita is a former railway station located between Lidcombe and Olympic Park off Parramatta Road on what was then the Abbattoir Line which is now the T7 Olympic Park Line.

Rebuilding Pippita Station for a CityExpress service as proposed by EcoTransit and adding a new Park n Ride facility would benefit greatly Western Sydney.

Commuters from Lidcombe would have a new express train to the City taking just 19-20 minutes.

Commuters from Wentworthville, Greystanes wards and beyond that usually drive to Granville could drive down the M4 to the new Park n Ride facility and board at Pippita Station for a fast train stopping only at Olympic Park, Strathfield then Central.

Preliminary consultation conducted by the Sydney Alliance shows that there is enough rail capacity to run the proposed Park & Ride service, as well as sufficient demand from commuters to justify such a service.

As the Pippita CityExpress would use existing tracks from Lidcombe to Olympic Park and the special event track to Strathfield towards Central, the cost overall cost of the project would be relatively inexpensive as much of the infrastructure already is available.

What I am asking Council tonight, is to work with the State Government, surrounding Councils and Sydney Olympic Park for a feasibility study into rebuilding Pippita Station and a new Park n Ride off the M4 and Parramatta Road.

A number of housing and commercial developments are proposed for the Parramatta Road Urban Renewal corridor including the nearby Carter Street priority precinct.

Incorporating the Pippita CityExpress with the Park n Ride with these developments means the new development precincts can become Transport Oriented.

The Pippita CityExpress with the Park n Ride provides significant benefits in terms of ensuring that development does not lead to increased congestion, as transport will be readily available for new residents.

An active transport corridor known as the Pippita Rail Trail along the western side of the T7 Olympic Park Line and Pippita Station would enhance the amenity of the precinct and surrounding areas.

Council is urged to look holistically at Pippita with the rebuilding of the railway station for a CityExpress service with a Park n Ride as well as an active transport corridor.

Thank you