A Matter of Philosophy

Philosophy is foundational to every walk of life even if we do not ascribe a label to a particular way of thought or lifestyle that drives our decision making and lived experiences

The Man in the High Castle

The struggle to find the true meaning and purpose of our existence is the inescapable reality that confronts us all, but it is through our choice to seek the eternal kingdom that is free from the human corruption of this world that our hope is found

Progress or Pagan?

When we realise and accept that each one of us has a value not only to ourselves but to the communal good of our society, our life’s purposes can be guided by a higher meaning

Happy Boba Day

As we drink on April 30 to celebrate Boba Day in recognition of Pearl Milk Tea, why not reflect on how Jesus is the real pearl among cultural dualisms

Trains kept on track

The NSW Government has promised to maintain Sydney Trains services beyond Bankstown, which were scheduled for closure when the $15 billion Sydney Metro City and Southwest opens

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