Hong Kong’s ridiculous Fishball Riots

Frankly speaking the riots in Mong Kok in the early hours of 9 February 2016 are riots, end of story. It is offensive to the Umbrella Movement to label such disorder a revolution.

I don’t often agree with Hong Kong Chief Executive Leung Chun-Ying but this time, he is dead set on the money. Don’t try to tell me that they were protests that got out of hand or that the authorities were provoking a response. And to the activists, youngsters and student groups there, this time, you need to grow the hell up and realise that just because you make up a clever hashtag doesn’t change the fact that it was a riot if not a pre-planned mob riot.

Watch this video (compiled by OnTV HK) and tell me that that is nothing short of a riot and attempted murder of police officers.

For protesters and radicals to claim “arrested and attacked by police for buying fish balls” shows how deluded that Hong Kong’s psyche has become. When radicals and mobsters collectively organise to bring weapons to riot on the street, how on earth can a police officer firing two warning shots into the air be the main headline?

The police officer who fired the warning shots should be given a bravery award for protecting his colleague who was being stoned after being knocked down. There can be no question that the rioters (and don’t you even dare call them protesters) are the provocateurs in this riot. The rioters even dared to ask the police how many bullets they had on them.

The only condemnation that should be levelled at police is the inadequate response and the leniency shown towards the rioters who dug up pavement stones to hurl at riot police, tried to ram the police line with vans and fast cars and attacked injured police officers.

There is no excuse for attacking police let alone injured officers lying on the street.

A riot after the authorities tried to protect the public by enforcing a crackdown on illegal street hawkers is disgusting. And just because it is Chinese New Year doesn’t mean that the laws of the land don’t apply, if that was the case then why are some Hong Kongers having a whinge that the officer who fired two warning shots may have breached regulations!? Double standards and hypocrisy that’s what it is!

What is more disturbing is the hijacking of the catchphrase ‘revolution’. Occupy Central and the Umbrella Movement in 2014 was a truly peaceful protest which the events of recent in Mong Kok are anything but.

Hong Kong needs to pull its head in and get itself in order before it gives the mainland Chinese authorities enough reason to send out the People’s Liberation Army – and no it is not a Communist Chinese invasion – it will be because Hong Kongers have abused their privilege of running their own show properly.

Every Hong Konger should speak out against the so-called #FishballRevolution and call a riot a riot.
Down with the radicals further tearing Hong Kong apart. Hong Kongers – stop digging up the ground (literally) to find dirt – it’ll only further ruin yourselves!

In brief:

  • Mong Kok streets in riot
  • Health inspector crackdown on hawkers preceded riot
  • Protest began about 10pm, riot started around 2am
  • Hong Kong Indigenous group believed to be linked to protest
  • 55 arrested, 90 officers injured
  • Four journalists injured, some claim to have been hurt from police batons
  • More than 100 rioters counted
  • Mong Kok MTR closed until late morning