Roydon Ng Statement on Cumberland Youth Strategy Evaluation 2017-21

Cumberland City Council Meeting – 22 September 2021


I am proud to have grown up in Western Sydney where there are many cultures in one community. As we reflect on the Youth Strategy, it is important to acknowledge the contributions from Cumberland’s young people, volunteers, community organisations including faith groups, and Council staff that have facilitated the achievement of the Strategy’s goals. For many in the area, Council is rubbish and roads, but credit must be given to the hardworking Youth staff that have striven to empower the next generation to have a go and to speak up for the local community. The training offered to the Youth for Youth group and Youth Week planning team has assisted youth in getting a hand up in their education, jobs and improving community connection. I would like to also thank Councillor Kun Huang and Councillor Suman Saha for their encouragement in the Council’s former Youth Advisory Committee. Young people in Cumberland respectfully request that Council: re-establish the Youth Advisory Committee, build the 2nd half of the basketball court at the Granville Centre, provide more resources for Youth Drop-In sessions across the LGA, and reduce staff turnover in the department. Cumberland is a great place to live and for our community to succeed, the next generation must continue to be empowered.