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Our Great South Land

A new understanding of Christianity in modern Australia’s founding is as radical as calls for changing Australia Day but vitally important

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Sydney University students rally for Hong Kong

Braving the rain and pro-China demonstrators, nearly 150 Sydney students hoisted umbrellas in support of the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong.

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Tensions rise as Solidarity with Hong Kong grows

Around 500 supporters of Hong Kong’s protest movement were met with vocal opposition from 50 pro-China supporters in Sydney’s Martin Place on 16 August 2019

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Is this Australia’s conservative comeback?

Around 500 conservatives have gathered in Sydney at the inaugural CPAC Australia event featuring Tony Abbott, Raheem Kassam and other right-wing speakers

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Sydney rallies in support of freedom in Hong Kong

Thousands of Hong Kong expats and supporters have marched in Sydney today protesting the proposed China Extradition Bill.

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Bringing truth to all

Roydon Ng reflects on an interesting fortnight in Australia where politics, society and faith spectacularly collided with Graham, Peterson and Pell

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How ought Christians vote?

As Christians seeking to make the most out of difficult political situations, we have the assurance that we don’t go in our strength, but prayerfully we have the support of the Jesus Christ because He is the One who has authority over heaven and earth.

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Politicians calls for Shutdown of “Nazi Gym”

No place for ‘racism, fascism, sexism or race-based violence’ says MP as calls grow for removal of The Lads Society in Ashfield