Democracy can’t save Hong Kong

Only Jesus can provide the true freedom that can save the people of Hong Kong. It is my prayer for Hong Kong, that the need to protest will be over and the peace will reign in this world. May your kingdom come Lord!

God of the Heavenly Kingdom

福 is often something that Chinese wish upon on each other at Lunar New Year, but maybe it’s time to take a step back and think of the eternal blessing that has been offered to the world through Christ

Growing up Asian-Australian in Sydney Churches

The future of the Australian church may be Asian, but not Asian as you know it. There is a rising generation known as “third-culture kids”, given their Westernised yet traditional immigrant upbringing in Australia

Bringing truth to all

Roydon Ng reflects on an interesting fortnight in Australia where politics, society and faith spectacularly collided with Graham, Peterson and Pell

The challenge of voice and heart

Adding to the pain experienced by transgender people will undermine the Christian testimony and make it harder to live in accordance with an identity vested in Jesus Christ

How ought Christians vote?

As Christians seeking to make the most out of difficult political situations, we have the assurance that we don’t go in our strength, but prayerfully we have the support of the Jesus Christ because He is the One who has authority over heaven and earth.

A political or apolitical God?

It’s not about whether you Vote 1 for a left or right wing party, Jesus cares about whether you’ve made Him number 1 in your life…

Hope Trumps Hate

Perhaps it’s wise to stop asking ‘why I didn’t report it’ but treat every claim seriously through a due process. Churches ought to be a place of hope and it can once again shine in the community as a beacon of such hope if it can heal among itself through the Holy Spirit.

Why Christian Culture?

Christianity is worth fighting for. There is so much that we owe to Christianity, it can be described as a debt that many in the world are either naive or blatantly ignorant about.

Standing up Against Distortion

To respond to ridicule and rejection with anger at those who marginalise Christians is to close the door on public discussions of faith.

For a better world

As Australia grows in wealth, we are becoming an increasingly individualistic society – one that seeks less and less to relate to the community around us as well as growing distant from our Christian heritage.