Being Genuine

When more people live as if they were “the temple of the Holy Spirit” in honour of God our creator (1 Corinthians chapter 6 verses 19 to 20), wouldn’t our society be a better place?

The milkshake duck

Let’s ask, test and seek the truth so that we can have a firm grasp not to keep it for ourselves but to be a bearer of the Good News of Christ into the world.

The Poverty Is Real

“It was one thing to be successful and to gain a diploma, but my relationship with Christ and the story of being saved give me a higher purpose to aspire to" - Amina, daughter of microfinance loan recipient in the Philippines

It all ends up in a box or does it?

What does the board game Monopoly and human life have in common? Is it that both are about the accumulation of wealth and success? Or are both just a game that has winners and losers? Perhaps if we looked at them through the gaze of time, we can start to see how temporary both are.