Australian Election 2013 – Key Issues

It is only been a few days since the election campaign started and already the issues of trust and the economy have captured a large proportion of the headlines. In an economic campaign that has some allusions back to John Howard’s ‘who can you trust on the economy’ rhetoric, no sides have yet to land a major victory over the other. So far we have seen both Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott agree to bicker of the details of the traditional debates with discussion of the usage of new mediums such as social media site Facebook in partnership with Channel 7. Then there has been the fuss over the interpretation of Tuesday’s interest rate cut by the Reserve Bank. Labor will use this latest interest rate cut as a political gesture to symbolise its economic management favours families, whilst the shadow treasurer Joe Hockey has attempted to capitalise on the RBA’s decision by declaring that the economy is weakening under Kevin Rudd.

Political fact checking company “PolitiFact Australia” found that Tony Abbott’s claims about the Rudd government’s expenditure was mostly false whilst reaffirming Kevin Rudd’s assertion that Australian government debt is relatively low. Other prime topics of discussion being the economic side of environmental management – the Carbon Tax along with education and border protection are set to dominate most of the upcoming campaign.

An election campaign is never without embarrassing moments which today was played out when the assistant treasurer David Bradbury, MP for Lindsay lost his cool and demanded the last name of a radio journalist along with suggesting that the journalist was a Liberal party member. Kevin Rudd instead campaigned today with fellow Mandarin speaking Bennelong candidate Jason Yat-sen Li taking on the opportunity to engage with multicultural Australia.

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This article was first published in AustElection2013